Culture of Care

The Culture of Care initiatives work to sustain inclusive practices as part of the core work of the College across all areas of endeavor, including teaching, scholarship, service, governance, leadership, professional development, and administration. Its goal is to support full participation in the activities of the college by a diverse cohort of faculty, staff, and students, where diversity encompasses, but is not limited to: rank or appointment type; area of artistic or scholarly endeavor with the arts and letters; identity and individual characteristics noted in the MSU Anti-Discrimination Policy.


teal ribbons on a wall surrounding the words take a ribbon to acknowledge their strengthRVSM Briefing Report July 2019

This report was prepared by the RVSM Expert Advisory Workgroup for the incoming President of Michigan State University, Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., M.D. The Workgroup includes faculty, administrators, staff, and students who have extensive content expertise in relationship violence and sexual misconduct (RVSM). On page 5, the Culture of Care Task Force is mentioned as an example of a College-Level initiative.

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teal_thumb.jpgCulture of Care Task Force Report April 2019

During the Fall 2018 College of Arts & Letters faculty meetings, attendees voiced a desire for identifying and developing a culture of care. A committee was tasked with this challenge and in this report, the committee shares their recommendations for enacting a culture of care.

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Abstract image of green rope Toward a Culture of Care

As the College of Arts & Letters and MSU work towards cultural change, Dean Christopher P. Long share what the College has been doing and will continue to do to enact a more inclusive and caring culture.

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Tree trunk with teal ribbon wrapped around itFailures to Listen

Dean Christopher P. Long discusses the importance of not forgetting the sexual abuse scandal and the difficulties that MSU faces in enacting cultural change at the institutional level.

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survivors_thumbnail.jpgOpen Letter Regarding MSU Interim President Transition

In this letter, Dean Christopher P. Long reflects on the past year and the action taken by the MSU Board of Trustees to appoint Satish Udpa as Acting President of Michigan State University.

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blog_linton_lensball_thumb.jpgLiving Values

In this post, Dean Christopher P. Long explains the process behind identifying the core values that drive the College of Arts & Letters, as well as how the College will be ensuring those values are enacted.

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linton_thumb.jpgOpen Letter to College of Arts & Letters Alumni and Friends

After a tough semester that initiated a period of change in both the College of Arts & Letters and MSU, Dean Christoper P. Long updates alumni and friends on the changes being put into action.

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culture-of-trust-dean-long.jpgCultivating a Culture of Trust

Read Dean Christopher P. Long's blog post on creating a culture of trust through care, accountability, and equity during this challenging time of reflection and change at MSU.

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sonja_letter.jpgDear MSU, Remember The Survivors

Associate Dean Sonja Fritzsche writes a letter to the Arts & Letters community urging everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to shape MSU into a community of safety, openness, and care.

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CAL_linton_door_seal_hero_web1.jpgOpen Letter to the College

Following the resignation of President Simon, read the open letter from Dean Christopher P. Long on this time of transition and change at MSU and the need to build a culture of responsibility.

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openletter.jpgOpen Letter on the Executive Order on Immigration

In the wake of the executive order on immigration, Dean Christopher P. Long discusses how it impedes on the mission of both the College of Arts & Letters and MSU.

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Open Letter to the College of Arts & Letters 

An open letter from Christopher Long discusses how "the capacity of an education in the liberal arts to enrich our relationships with one another is unparalleled." 

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Critical Diversity in a Digital Age

Dean Christopher Long discusses 'Critical Diversity in a Digital Age' on his latest blog. Join the public conversation as we attempt to further flesh out the College of Arts & Letters' approach. 

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cal_website_outreach_keyboard.jpgLearning to Play in a More Inclusive Key

Read Dean Long's blog post, "Learning to Play in a More Inclusive Key," which highlights Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement programs.

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Wall at Michigan State UniversityPracticing Inclusion as a Matter of Institutional Habit 

Dean Long explains, "to cultivate the practices of inclusion as a matter of institutional habit needs an ongoing attempt to weave a commitment to justice into our encounters."

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