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Reflections as Acting Dean of the College of Arts & Letters

By Elizabeth H. Simmons, June 25, 2015

To the College of Arts and Letters:

It is with a profound sense of gratitude that I take my leave of you. This has been a most extraordinary year for me — I’ve learned so much by having the chance to get to know the college, its leadership team, its departments, centers and programs, and its many exceptional faculty, staff, alumni, and students.  Thank you for being so open and welcoming to the physicist in your midst.
It has been so exciting to hear you talk about your work and to see the impact of image, language, movement, logic, and belief on the lives of students and communities.  The sheer range of projects you undertake is staggering.   The digital techniques you create to sustain the vibrancy and relevance of classic and enduring topics are exhilarating.  The ways in which you teach students how creation and performance can foster social justice are inspiring.
Thank you for allowing me to co-author, with you, a few pages in the CAL narrative.  I look forward to following the college’s continuing tale of growth and accomplishments from afar.
With best wishes for the future,

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