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Engaged Scholarship

LongView_Dec23.jpgTo speak of “applied” scholarship is to divorce theory from practice in a way that impoverishes both. This, at least, is the insight that has led me to adopt the language of “engagement” rather than that of “application” in our 2015 Fall Planning Letter.

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Catalytic Opportunities

LongView_Dec12.jpgI’ve begun thinking about strategic initiatives as catalytic. In chemistry, a catalyst causes a chemical reaction without itself being affected. But this isn’t exactly what I have in mind, because I don’t mind if the catalyst itself is enriched by its own activity.

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Habits of Public Writing

LongView_Dec4.jpgWhen I write regularly, I think I'm a better administrator — probably a better husband and father, certainly a better scholar. Writing affords me an opportunity to slow down and reflect, to craft a thought or articulate an idea. It gives me pause, and it opens a space for me to think holistically and strategically. Writing pulls me out of the busy-ness that captures so much of the time each day.

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