The Liberal Arts Endeavor

"The capacity of an education in the liberal arts to enrich our relationships with one another and to deepen our understanding of the human condition is unparalleled."

         —Christopher P. Long, Dean, College of Arts & Letters


The College of Arts & Letters (CAL) is a vital force that puts the arts, letters, humanities, and culture into action to create meaningful impact in our world.

We bridge tradition to cutting-edge innovation. We leverage new opportunities and technologies in pursuit of age-old humanistic questions. We infuse arts and humanities approaches into the campus community, creating a culturally vibrant environment that enhances students’ learning. Above all, our degree programs create synergy between the life of the mind and tangible, transferable skills, launching students onto exciting career trajectories.


Shaping Intentional Lives, Cultivating Creativity, and Global Cultural Understanding

In response to profound geopolitical, social, cultural, and economic changes, today’s university must not only prepare students to live and work in a dramatically changing global environment, but also provide them with the skills needed to understand these changes, their impact on social justice and their imprint on the fabric of our cultural environment. The strength of the American higher education system rests on educating effective problem-solvers who will bring creativity as well as careful argument, innovation as well as tradition, expression as well as introspection to their work and to their lives. To this end, CAL engages students and cultivates critical and creative thinkers who address the challenge of becoming world citizens by contributing to the development of a more humane world.

We are committed to leading academic transformation at MSU by advancing our capacity in information technology, educational technology, digital humanities, digital arts and media, and enhancing online learning within a global context and with an entrepreneurial focus.