Strategic Priorities


In our ongoing commitment to practice inclusion as a matter of institutional habit, the College of Arts & Letters has identified three imperatives that drive our strategic priorities:

  • Recruit and retain world-class faculty
  • Enhance graduate education
  • Enrich the undergraduate experience

These imperatives are integrated into a holistic approach that advances the mission of the College and the University through the five strategic priorities listed below. Intentional focus on these five priorities requires we return to them regularly to ensure that the new possibilities they embody are integrated into the daily routines that will sustain them.

For more information on the college's strategic priorities, listen to this episode of the Liberal Arts Endeavor in which Dean Christopher Long goes into the motivation for and development of these five points. 



Critical Diversity in a Digital Age

Situated where digital theory and practice intersect with urgent questions of social justice and human difference, the Critical Diversity in a Digital Age initiative animates a hiring strategy designed to attract and retain creative, collaborative leaders who think synthetically about scholarship, teaching, and the creative endeavor. Our aim is to advance the recognized strengths of Michigan State University in the digital arts and humanities through a focus on questions of race, inclusion, cultural preservation, global interconnectedness, and engaged scholarship. For more information visit, or listen to the podcast below.

Advancing Language Research and Pedagogy

In an effort to advance the mission of Michigan State University, faculty in the Department of Linguistics, & Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages and the Department of Romance and Classical Studies are committed to enhancing collaborations across the languages to compete for more prestigious external funding, develop innovative approaches to language teaching and scholarship, and deepen our knowledge of other cultures and literatures to address the most complex challenges of our interconnected world. 

Center for Interdisciplinarity

Many universities celebrate the importance of interdisciplinary work, few ground their interdisciplinary practices in a deep understanding of the nature of interdisciplinarity itself. The Center for Interdisciplinarity will do just this by recruiting and supporting world-class faculty with expertise in the theory and practices of interdisciplinarity, by training graduate students from across the university to do interdisciplinary research well, and by enhancing the broader impact statements of major university grants. Learn more about the Center for Interdisciplinarity here

The Citizen Scholars Program

Designed to prepare the next generation of diverse, high-achieving, and engaged citizen leaders, the Citizens Scholars program encourages students to aspire to greater academic achievement while gaining experience in high-impact learning environments. Successful aspirants are admitted into the Citizen Scholars program and provided with $5,000 in financial assistance for study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, or other transformative educational experiences that position them to meet extra requirements and to perform at a higher level. For more information visit

The Excel Network

The Excel Network is an emerging initiative that takes a holistic and integrated approach to experiential education, career and professional development, and alumni relations in order to empower our students to chart a successful path from college to the world of meaningful work. For more information visit