MSU helmetSpanish

The Spanish major encompasses the richness and diversity within the Spanish language, literatures and cultures. It provides opportunities for immersion in Hispanic cultures through a required study abroad language immersion experience. Students who wish to earn teacher certification may apply to the teacher education program during their sophomore year.

Students who have studied Spanish in high school must take a placement exam before enrolling for Spanish classes.

What can I do with Spanish?

Graduates in Spanish pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of culture and language, communications, history and international affairs.

Alumni work at:

  • Amazon
  • General Motors
  • Penguin Group
  • Fulbright Commission
  • Global CIO Media
  • Spectrum Health
  • Capital Area Community Services

Alumni work as:

  • Operations coordinators
  • Translators/interpreters
  • Human resources assistants
  • Managers of inclusion and diversity
  • Sales and business consultants
  • English language teachers
  • Account executives


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