College of Arts & Letters Alumni Board

The College of Arts & Letters Alumni Board enhances support and promotion of the college, as well as faculty, current and future students, and friends. Board members provide advisory leadership on behalf of Arts and Letters alumni. As a group, the Alumni Board convenes a minimum of three times per year to discuss alumni activities, Alumni Association membership growth, development of initiatives and funding support for student groups, scholarships and programs, as well as sponsorship of important academic programs, workshops and guest speakers that will enhance the student experience.

Join the Board

If you are interested in serving on the College of Arts & Letters Alumni Board, download the application and return with a current resume.

Meet the Board

Woman with short brown hair wearing brown shirt with green, red, and beige polka dots

Stefanie Pohl


Graduated: 2007
Major: English and Creative Writing
Current Position: Stay-at-home mom and freelance editor for MSU's Communications and Brand Strategy office
Learn more about Stefanie


Woman with medium brown hair wearing gray jacket

Brittany Parling

Vice President

Graduated: 2005
Major: English
Current Position: Associate at Jones Day in Detroit
Learn about Brittany


Woman with short brown hair wearing white shirt and shawl

Tonya Cole Collier


Graduated: 1987
Major: English
Current Position: Secondary Educator English and Literature until 1999
Learn about Tonya


Man with short black hair and thin glasses in black and white sweater

Terence D. Gipson


Graduated: 2015
Major: Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities
Current Position:  International Community Health Advisor at MSU (and Master of Public Health Administration Student)
Learn about Terence


Woman with long blonde hair smiling wearing a green jacket and black shirt

Jennifer Adams


Graduated: 1992
Major: English
Current Position: Coordinator of Library & Learning Support Services, Hagerstown Community College
Learn about Jennifer


Man with short white hair and think glasses in gray jacket and shirt

Kim T. Bowen


Graduated: 1974
Major: German and Education (Honors College)
Current Position: Elementary and High School Teacher, Assistant Professor
Learn about Kim


Woman with long blonde hair in light jacket with black shirt

Maude Campbell


Graduated: 2014
Major: Professional Writing
Current Position: Copy Editor, Popular Mechanics, Freelance Copy Editor, ELLE
Learn about Maude


Man with short brown hair and long beard in gray suitcoat

Ian Clark


Graduated: 2016
Major: Experience Architecture
Current Position: UX Analyst Auto-Owners Insurance, Freelance UX Designer
Learn about Ian


Man with gray hair and trimmed beard in white shirt

John Donohoe


Graduated: 1987
Major: Graphic Design
Current Position: Account/Project Management/Services Ciesa Design
Learn about John


Man with short brown hair and glasses in gray suit

Eric Federspiel


Graduated: BA in 1999, MA in 2005
Major: English ('99), Curriculum and Teaching ('05)
Current Position: Instructional Designer at GM Financial International Operations
Learn about Eric


Woman with long brown hair in dark green shirt

Megan Gawlik


Graduated: 2007
Major: BA in English / OPTU Film Studies
Current Position: Innovation Research Manager, Disney Parks and Resorts Digital
Learn about Megan


Woman with brown hair wearing gray coat and green shirt

Erin Goebel


Graduated: 2010
Major: Professional Writing
Current Position: Legal Counsel, Whirlpool Corporation
Learn about Erin


Man with short gray hair and think glasses in suit

John Kajander


Graduated: 1978
Major: English
Current Position: Strategic consultant: Life Sciences-Houston First Corporation
Learn about John


Man with short gray hair in gray jacket with light green shirt

Tom Mitchell


Graduated: 1993
Major: German and International Studies
Current Position: President at Messe Duesseldorf North America
Learn about Tom


Woman with long brown hair wearing black shirt with small white flowers

Jill Moore


Graduated: 2006
Major: Professional Writing
Current Position: Software Engineer
Learn about Jill


Woman with medium brown hair and black glasses in a green sweater

Raina Regan


Graduated: 2008
Major: Art History and Visual Culture
Current Position: Senior Manager of Easements, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Learn about Raina


Man with short white hair in white and green shirt and green tie

Rich Sternberg


Graduated: 1965
Major: History
Current Position: Retired School Principal
Learn about Rich


Woman with short blonde hair in green jacket and shirt with heart and Spartan head

Jill Vondrasek


Graduated: 1992
Major: Studio Art
Current Position: Marketing and Communications Director, MSU College of Nursing
Learn about Jill


Bald man in blue and green plaid shirt

Bryce Yancy


Graduated: 2011
Major: English
Current Position: Founder, Colquitt Group
Learn about Bryce