Giving to the College of Arts & Letters

The College of Arts & Letters is committed to providing the best possible liberal arts education to our students. To meet that goal, we must continue to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and well-prepared students and to provide them with a technologically advanced teaching and learning environment. Your gift of financial support will enable us to ensure a legacy of excellence for arts and humanities education and scholarship at Michigan State University.


The Importance of Endowments

While all gifts to the College of Arts & Letters make a real difference in the lives of the university’s students, faculty, and staff, an endowment gift is especially meaningful because it provides a dependable, long-term source of support that reaps benefits year after year. 

An endowment gift is invested by MSU and a portion of the investment income is spent annually, providing funding for the chosen area of support long after new contributions to the fund cease. The long-term benefits of endowments far outweigh the short-term gains of expendable contributions. For example, a $40,000 expendable gift spent outright on student scholarships will provide twenty $2,000 awards in a single year. A $40,000 gift to fund an endowment will provide more than 400 $2,000 awards over 50 years.

Areas to Give 

As you think about the impact you want to make at MSU, we encourage you to explore these options.


Every donor establishes a legacy that will last through generations and helps students achieve their dreams.


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