Six Giving Priorities


cal_website_circleprioties1.pngENDOWED FACULTY 

Excellence in research and creativity requires hiring and retaining the very best faculty. Endowed chairs, the gold standard of faculty distinction, enable us to: 1.) attract world-class 2.) create innovative educational experiences critical to student success.


cal_website_circleprioties2.pngGRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS 

Endowments that support graduate fellowship enrichment opportunities position us to compete with the best programs in the nation and: 1.) ensure that we attract the most talented and diverse graduate students 2.) prepare the next generation of faculty who will transform higher education for the greater good. 


cal_website_circleprioties3.pngMSU CENTER FOR INTERDISCIPLINARITY 

Advancing interdisciplinary research and pedagogy in multiple fields of study (e.g. science, engineering, arts, humanities, agriculture), the Center for Interdisciplinarity will focus on: 1.) leading-edge philosophical research and major external federally funded grant proposals across the university 2.) empowering graduate education in the practice and scholarship of interdisciplinarity. 


cal_website_circleprioties4.pngCITIZEN SCHOLARS PROGRAM 

This prestigious undergraduate program prepares the next generation of diverse, high-achieving, and engaged citizen leaders. Student Citizen Scholars will: 1.) cultivate habits of engaged and active citizen leaders who work collaboratively 2.) succeed academically as they gain experience through high-impact
learning opportunities such as study abroad, undergraduate research, and internships. 


cal_website_circleprioties5.pngMEDIA ARTS COLLABORATIVE 

A community of students and faculty dedicated to creative endeavors in integrated media arts, the Media Arts Collaborative (MAC) will: 1.) serve as a platform for students and faculty from the College of Arts & Letters (CAL) and College of Communication Arts and Sciences (ComArtSci) to experiment with synergistic media arts 2.) foster innovative collaborations that cut across disciplines to offer experiential learning opportunities for our students.  


cal_website_circleprioties6.pngUNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS 

We need to keep MSU at the forefront of an extraordinary educational experience to all regardless of financial means. Support for undergraduate scholarships will: 1.) attract the best and brightest students from around the world 2.) offer more opportunities for students who want a Spartan education. 


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