Citizen Scholars Digital Badging 

The Citizen Scholars program uses a digital badging system to help students track their accomplishments and keep a record of their progress and development. There are 4 themed badges contained within the Citizen Scholars comprehensive badge. Each of the 4 themed badges represents a key area of accomplishment.

Comprehensive Citizen Scholar Badge

Citizen Scholars Badge
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4 Themed Badges

Global Leadership Badge

Global Leadership

This credential is achieved through participation in cultural activities, policy discussions, and events addressing larger global concerns, particularly focusing on cross-cultural, trans-national linguistic, religious, economic, and social issues that link disparate localities and identities.



Professional Networking Badge

Professional Networking

This credential is achieved through students' active engagement with public professionals and the development of skills necessary for a professional life in fields related to the arts and humanities; it includes the ongoing articulation of how specific academic skills and achievements translate into capabilities needed for real-world impact in employment and other post-academic contexts.



Research and Creative Activity

Research and Creative Activity

This credential fosters participation in and original scholarly/artistic contributions to democratic discourse, collaborative engagement with social and cultural challenges, and the connections between academic and civic concerns.




Civic Engagement Badge

Civic Engagement

This credential is achieved through significant participation in and contributions to MSU, local, regional, national, and global communities, with an emphasis on both community service and engagement with civic concerns, questions, and debates about policy and practice.