Brand Platform

What is a Brand Platform?

A brand platform is a document that creates a foundation for an organization’s identity, messaging and visual presentation. It serves as a framework for both internal and external communications, as well as a guide for how internal operations are performed.

The College of Arts & Letters brand is built upon the fundamental truth of our history and the strength of our identity. The way our brand is expressed—its look, feel, and tone—reflects what the College of Arts & Letters and Michigan State University are and aspire to become. 

Our platform includes Essence, Personality, Positioning, Anchors and Foundation. Developing and maintaining a brand platform is important as it is the base for how we tell our stories, how we generate engagement, and how we frame the College of Arts & Letters as a whole.

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CAL Brand Platform



The College of Arts & Letters brand is the core of our brand and the central premise of our brand story. 

Individual Strength 


Collective Power


Extraordinary Impact



The College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University's brand personality is the character of our brand defined in human terms. These attributes are essential aspects of The College of Arts & Letters' identity, and they should guide the tone and attitude of our communications.













World Changing 



Our positioning statement clearly articulates who we are and the distinctive value we offer. It guides and shapes our communications.

The College of Arts & Letters' talented, passionate people and innovative culture empower opportunity and create extraordinary impact for a better world. 


Story Anchors 

Individual Strength: 
Our people set us apart.

We turn talent to good.
Talent is the essential element that drives us forward. We foster it, invest in it, recognize it, and turn it to the common good.

We Create Leaders.
By investing in the power of ideas, words, and images, we engage individuals, communities, and institutions to solve the world’s most challenging social, cultural, and ethical problems.

We strive for academic excellence.
We advance teaching and learning that supports and rewards excellence.

We value diversity. 
Our inclusive culture unleashes the creative power of varied viewpoints and backgrounds.


Collective Power:
Our open and creative culture is built to
power and empower.

We foster openness, flexibility, and inclusivity. 
We empower individuals as they create their own paths of achievement

We believe in partners. 
The arts and humanities are a key element of any vibrant community; we take to heart our role in building engagement within society. We build meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. 

We connect globally. 
We are globally networked, and our programs encourage students to develop the cultural awareness needed to compete in a global economy. 

We are a force for collaboration.
We cultivate critical thinkers capable of becoming world citizens by enabling students to begin contributing to the development of a more humane world. 


Extraordinary Impact: 

We are a vital force that puts the arts and humanities

into action to impact our world.

We affect lives in extraordinary ways. 
We teach students from across the university the skills of interpretation, analysis, and communication that enable them to excel in their education and assume leadership roles in their careers.

We are visionaries. 
Our research and teaching push the boundaries of discovery to solve the big problems of our time.

We deliver excellence and opportunity.
Our faculty draw students into their cutting-edge scholarship.

We lead academic transformation.
With an entrepreneurial spirit, we advance our capacity in educational technology, digital humanities, digital arts and media, and enhance global online learning.



Excellence in research and education: top 100 research university, AAU member, competitive university rankings, vast resources and outstanding facilities, globally networked, $500M plus in federal university research funding, solid donor base, large and socioeconomically diverse student population, strong mission of access and opportunity, more than 35,000 alumni globally, a leading MSU study abroad/study away college with more than 80 programs in 40 countries, leader in international internships (14 countries).