Meet the Content Studio Interns

At the College of Arts & Letters (CAL), we believe in the power of real-world experience and hands-on learning. Internships and experiential learning are important parts of undergraduate education, which elevate those that gain these experiences to the top of the job market. The Marketing & Communications office hires students to work in the Content Studio, where they collaborate on news stories, social media communications, visual and graphic design, and user experience design.

woman with brown hair sitting on a bench in front of bushes and smiling at the cameraCaroline Johnson

Position: Writing & Social Intern
Studying: Professional Writing '20
Fun Fact: I once traveled over 800 miles to see a Harry Styles concert.

I’m Caroline, that lucky somebody who’s figured out a way to make my obsession with storytelling, social media, reading, and writing positively impact the college that has given me the best mentors, friends, and coworkers. Outside of work, I enjoy sharing over-personal thoughts on Twitter, and advocating for the failed punctuation mark, the interrobang (‽).

caroline c.jpgCaroline Caramagno

Position: Communications & Social Media Intern
Studying: Professional Writing '20
Fun Fact: I met Jonathan from Stranger Things when I was in LA for spring break.

Hi I’m Caroline! I work out of Linton Hall writing articles for the College of Arts and Letters, as well as managing their social media accounts. I transferred to MSU my sophomore year and I can easily say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t know that Professional Writing existed as a major until a couple months into my first semester here, and I’m so grateful that I was introduced to it. Once I found out more about the major, I knew I was in the right place.

woman wearing glasses who is sitting in front of a red brick buildingAnnie Dubois

Position: Writing & Communications Intern
Studying: Professional Writing '21
Fun Fact: I’ve gone white-water rafting in the Colorado River.

Hi I’m Annie! Here in the office I work on writing articles and managing the social websites. I love giving a platform for the excellent work the unique individuals on campus are doing. I am also involved in RISE, an environmental living-learning community in Bailey Hall, so you can probably guess that I’m a nature lover. In my spare time, you can catch me hammocking and reading a book! 

ann desrochers headshotAnn Desrochers

Position: UX & UI Design Intern
Studying: Experience Architecture '22
Fun Fact: I was a national Quiz Bowl player of the week in 2017.

Hi I'm Ann! I work in the marketing and communications office as sort of a jack of all trades; helping with website migration, updating information architecture, facilitating content updates, doing design research, and whatever else life throws at me. It's great to work in a collaborative office where we interact with people inside and outside our respective fields to create and maintain great products..

Man in graphic tee with maps on it smiling on bench in front of orange brick buildingSam Hardey

Position: Graphic Design Intern
Studying: Arts & Humanities, '20
Fun Fact: My family rented a Big Boy statue when I was born.

As the graphic design intern for CAL I create graphics for social media, design brochures, animations, and help to create visual cohesion in our teams content. I work closely with the graphic designer here at CAL as well as the other interns. Within this collaborative workspace, I strive to achieve in my role; using my background in design, I best compliment our team. 

woman in bright teal shirt and cream cardigan smiling at the camera in front of orange brick buildingFaith Pan

Position: Writing & Social Intern
Studying: Interdisciplinary Humanities, '23
Fun Fact: I'm writing a book called Stargazers.

Hello, I'm Faith :-) As a writing & social intern, I create stories for our website and post on some of our many social media accounts. I love being part of such an interdisciplinary environment where we all work together to create content that shows what CAL is all about. As someone who loves to read and write, this is definitely the place for me!