Explore: Where Do You Want Your Degree to Take You?

CAL graduates follow a wide range of career opportunities. Some focus on a direct application of the discipline they studied, including earning advanced degrees. Others opt for the indirect application of their discipline interwoven with other skills and interests. But a college degree (in any major) isn't enough! Students of all majors, including here in CAL, can gain the vital skills they need and refine their interests by integrating experiences inside and outside the classroom.

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Meet some CAL alumni and get a list of our recent graduates' next steps after graduation.

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Prepare: How Will You Get There?

The work inside the classroom is just one of the many ways to gain essential competencies employers seek. Stepping outside the classroom can not only give students the opportunity to put knowledge into practice, it can also assist in developing new skills and knowledge. Each of the examples below can help CAL students gain the experience needed to succeed at MSU and after graduation. Take advantage of whatever combination is most meaningful to you and your goals.

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Connect: How Do You Put it All in Motion?

Whether your next step is the world of work or an advanced degree, MSU's Career Services Network has you covered. The Career Passport has information on all the topics below in an easy-to-use format. Access it online or pick up a copy in 200 Linton Hall or any MSU Career Services location.

While approximately 40% of CAL graduates pursue their secondary teaching certification or graduate study each year, most of our graduates enter the workforce after graduation. Those who pursue a graduate degree go on to earn master's and doctoral degrees in their fields as well as professional degrees in areas such as library science, law, public health, public policy, nonprofit management, business, to name a few.

In the job search, your resume and cover letter are often the first impression you make and an interview is usually the last step in the hiring process. But don't underestimate the role your personal network and social media play along the way! The CAL Field Career Consultant is here to help you navigate the transition from MSU to your next step. Make an advising appointment to review your resume, discuss your search strategy or graduate school plans, prepare for an interview, or explore other issues related to your next step.

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