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‘Get your foot in the door’ for future opportunities

Check out our student internship stories for an insight into the internship world. Students have a great deal of options to gain experience, and with terms like part time jobs, volunteer work, service learning, and internships being used interchangeably, it can become difficult to distinguish between different types of opportunities. In order to be considered an internship, as opposed to other options, the opportunity must include a set of established learning objectives; which is a fancy way of saying that students embark on the internship experience with the intention of acquiring experience and knowledge in a specific industry related to their major, or area of career exploration.  As you explore different ways to gain experience keep a few things in mind to be sure you’re acquiring a high quality internship:

  • The opportunity is within your area of study or in an industry you want to explore.
  • You can apply skills learned in the classroom in a hands on way, and specific goals are set at the start of the internship.
  • Your supervisor or mentor provides continual feedback, evaluations and guidance to ensure all check points for progress are made.
  • Evaluation and reflection on how you progress through the set learning goals over the course of the internship.   


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