A World of Opportunity

For Christopher Murphy, a senior majoring in Chinese and minoring in French, expanding his cultural knowledge is what college is all about. So, with MSU being one of the top study abroad universities in the nation, Chris felt right at home. “I came to MSU for the study abroad programs, the diversity on campus, and the opportunity to be able to study languages.” 

Broadening Global Awareness

“When you study abroad and learn a different language, you learn a different way of thinking, a different way of communicating with people." As a part of his academic career, Chris traveled to China for an entire year for intensive study of Chinese language and culture at Tsinghua University in Beijing. While abroad, Chris taught English as a second language to children in China, traveled to four other countries, and made lasting relationships with colleagues and friends.

chrisplume.jpgTraveling and learning languages are important aspects of learning to Chris, who has been to 18 countries during various trips and study abroad experiences. “I want to introduce the world to the importance of learning different cultures and different languages.”

Chris’ experience in China was an extraordinary one, and he is truly passionate about study abroad. When asked why someone at MSU should study abroad, Chris answered, “Who wouldn't want to open their mind to different ways of thinking, different possibilities, learning a different language? Studying abroad prepares you for independence; the independence of leaving your family and everything that you know. These are essential tools for life.”


Scholarships Change Lives

Chris was only able to have this life-changing experience because of his hard work obtaining scholarships. He received the national Boren scholarship, an all-inclusive scholarship dedicated to fund students who are studying languages critical to US national security. Chris was one of four Michigan State students to receive the award, and says, “These scholarships are the main reason why I’ve been able to acquire this education.”

cal_website_chrisquote.pngThe skills and experience Chris and others are gaining abroad are invaluable. International diplomacy is becoming increasingly crucial, and as Chris notes, “An investment in me to learn Chinese is also an investment in the future of America.”

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