by Will Mianecki | April 2014

Finding Her Fit 

Richa Choubey, Professional Writing senior, has accomplished a great deal in her four years at MSU.

In addition to creating a Buzzfeed spinoff for her Spartan peers called the Culture Bubble, she’s found time to work as a producer and writer for America’s longest running college sitcom “the ShoW," a marketing intern for the Wharton Center, a web designer at MSU, and a development intern for Apostle, the major production company behind the television series Rescue Me. Despite this workload, Richa still finds time to sleep.

But, before she achieved all of the above, Richa was having a hard time finding a major that was the right fit for her at MSU. When she discovered Professional Writing, and the tailored publishing and editing track that it offered, it was love at first sight. 

 “I didn’t realize that you could focus on publishing and editing; that as a Professional Writing major, you could work specifically on copyediting and developmental editing. I said, ‘This is it. I love it, and this is awesome.’”
Combined with her additional degree in Media and Information, Professional Writing positioned Richa perfectly for her ultimate career goal.
“I want to be an executive in development and production for film and television, and that’s basically reading scripts all day. It’s also a lot of writing, and much the same focus you would have if you were reading manuscripts all day for a publishing house, but for film and television.”

Seizing Opportunities In and Outside of the Classroom

Once she started taking classes through the College of Arts & Letters, Richa discovered another perk of her new major – a tight community focused on professional development, creativity, and collaboration.
“Professional Writing is about collaborating and working with other people, so you are constantly networking, and you are constantly making new friends, and you are constantly growing.”
When Richa went on a spring break trip to L.A. created by the Creativity Exploratory for students interested in entertainment, she experienced the power of alumni network first hand.
“We visited a different person on the trip every single day who was an MSU alum, and a lot of College of Arts & Letters Alumni. It was fun to see these amazing alumni and see what they were doing, and see that they were thriving out in Hollywood. It gives you a lot of hope for what’s possible.” 
As Richa approaches graduation, she plans on moving to L.A. to pursue her own career in production, and join the College of Arts & Letters family that is already well established in the entertainment industry. 
Richa believes she will fit right in.