Arts in New York City

 The Arts in New York City program was established in 2009 to give undergraduate students direct exposure to the vast artistic, cultural, and historical opportunities the city has to offer. This four-week program features a special topics course (AL 491) on the history and culture of New York City, as well as electives associated with the faculty leader's area of expertise. The faculty leader(s) and courses for the coming year's program are identified early in the fall and widely publicized throughout the semester; applications are due in January for the following June.


Summer 2015 Program: The Immigrant Experience

This program  is built around the immigrant experience in New York. The courses will explore cinemas and literatures that represent the immigrant experiences. The filmmakers’ and authors’ works represent the diaspora lives  which engaged the values of multiculturalism, globalization, and difference or otherness. We will study the basic issues confronting the immigrants coming to New York in the 20th century, and what it meant to be considered other or different from the mainstream. The cosmopolitan spaces of  New York  were peopled by immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, the Asian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Africa. We include African American fiction and films as the Great Migration north in the early part of the 20th century also defined the city. This courses will focus on issues of diaspora, immigration, cultural integration, and forms of otherness in a modernist or globalized economy, and will situate those works within the urban sensibility and world that constitutes New York. We will also have regular outings to those parts of the city that reflect the various cultures in the city, and study the neighborhoods and architecture. Excursions to a number of museums, and famous landmarks like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty will be included in the program.

Dates: June 7 - July 5, 2015

Eligibility: 2.0 GPA; open to all majors

Courses: Students will enroll in a minimum of 8 credits. Courses offered in AL, ENG, GSAH and IAH.

Housing: Students reside at the International House, 500 Riverside Drive, New York City

Estimated program fee: 2100-2400

Application deadline: February 27, 2015


For additional information contact:

Professor Kenneth Harrow,