Study Away

The College of Arts & Letters offers undergraduate students opportunities to earn academic credit through Study Away courses and internships in different locations within the United States, particularly during the summer months. These programs allow students to immerse themselves in active learning experiences enhanced by extended exposure to new cultural and residential communities. Students who are accepted to participate in Study Away programs pay a program fee to cover housing and related expenses and enroll for a prescribed number of credits associated with the specific program, which may last from one to ten weeks. For additional information contact the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office at 517-355-0366.

Chicago: Culture, Community and Social Impact (summer 2018)

Language, Culture and Service in Puerto Rico (summer 2018)

Creativity Industry and Culture in LA (spring break 2017)

Public Art in New York City (summer 2017)

Detroit Urban Studio (not running in 2017)

Arts in Los Angeles: The Business Side of Performance (not running in 2018)


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