College Inclusive Practices Committee (CIPC)

helmet.pngThe committee shall work with CAL departments, programs, centers, and the college administration to sustain inclusive practices as part of the core work of the college across all areas of endeavor: teaching, scholarship, service, leadership, professional development and administration. The purpose is to support full participation in the activities of the college by a diverse cohort of faculty, staff, and students, where diversity encompasses (but is not limited to)

  • Rank or appointment type
  • Area of artistic or scholarly endeavor within the Arts & Letters
  • Identity and individual characteristics noted in the MSU Anti-discrimination policy

Engaged Pedagogy Grant

The College of Arts & Letters invites proposals from its teaching faculty members to assist with efforts to fund external speakers working at the intersections of the study of race, class, gender and sexuality and/or to support engagement with off-campus communities. The goal of this program is to foster intersectional studies course development and implementation grounded in engaged student learning and college community-building. Additional goals include the increase of sponsored research activity in CAL and facilitation of faculty efforts to achieve national and international prominence through mentorship network building furthered by interaction with the external speaker. Successful applicants will present initiatives and outcomes in a mini-symposium showcasing inclusion in the curriculum. Proposals must be collaborative and include two of more faculty members. Proposals that include interdisciplinary initiatives between Departments and/or Programs are encouraged.

The concept for this fund was developed by Assistant Professor of African American and African Studies Tamara Butler and supported and administered initially by Sheila Contreras, then Associate Dean overseeing the Undergraduate Curriculum as well as Diversity and Inclusion efforts.




  • Rebecca Tegtmeyer (AAHD)
  • Tamara Butler (ENG)
  • Kathryn McEwen (L&L)
  • Kyle Whyte (PHL)
  • Amy DeRogatis (REL)
  • Charles Moulding (RCS)
  • Laura Scales (THR - Committee Chair)
  • Bump Halbritter (WRAC)
  • Krsna Santos (Graduate Student Rep)
  • Tanner Schudlich (Staff Rep)
  • Sonja Fritzsche (Associate Dean)
  • Leann Dalimonte (Administrative Assistant)

Meeting Schedule and Minutes
Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. All meetings are in 321 Linton Hall



  • Rebecca Tegtmeyer (AAHD)
  • Alissa Cohen (ELC)
  • Gordon Henry (ENG)
  • Hsiao-Ping Wang (IAH)
  • Premlata Vaishnava (L&L)
  • Kyle Whyte (PHL)
  • Amy DeRogatis (REL)
  • Kristine Byron (RCS)
  • Daniel Smith (THR)
  • Trixie Smith (WC)
  • Jay McClintick (Graduate Student Rep)
  • Bump Halbritter (Idea Coordinator)

Meeting Schedule and Minutes