Engaged Pedagogy Grant Recipients


April Baker Bell & Lamar Johnson
“The Hate U Give (THUG) Teach-in” 

Yomaira Figueroa & Danny Mendez
“Engaging Race, Gender, and the Human”

Tamara Butler, Emery Petchauer, Estrella Torrez
“What is Home? Creative Placemaking through Global Literacies and Languages”

Robin Silbergleid, Yomaira Figueroa, Divya Victor, & Laura Scales
“A Visit with Cherrie Moraga”

Julian Chambliss, Ben Van Dyke, Karin Zitzewitz, Russell Lucas, & Michael O’Rourke
“Black Kirby Now: Comics, Race and Representation”


Rob Roznwoski
“Temperament Diversity and the Quiet School Training Network”


Allison Dobbins
"Dance Engine - dance and theater as tools for change and engagement"

Emery Petchauer
"Urban Arts, Teaching Artists, and English Teacher Education"

Natalie Phillips
"Sense of Self: Disability Studies and Accessible Art Outreach"

Shawn Loewen & Peter DeCosta
Professor Gary Barkhuzien invited lecture