College Undergraduate Committee (CUC)

In consultation with the faculty of the Departments, the College Undergraduate Committee is not intended to replace CCC, but to work in conjunction with it to discuss undergraduate initiatives and goals among the various Departments, Centers, and Programs while responding to university-wide initiatives. The CUC along with CCC reviews and evaluates College educational policies, including those governing pedagogy and educational objectives, and brings before the College any issues that might, in the opinion of the Committee, require deliberation by the College faculty as a whole.



  • Lily Woodruff (AAHD)
  • Robin Silbergleid (ENG)
  • David Prestel (L&L)
  • Cristina Schmitt (L&L)
  • David Godden (PHL)
  • Laura Yares (REL)
  • Anne Violin-Wigent (RCS)
  • Kirk Domer (THR - Committee Chair)
  • Julie Lindquist, Fall; Casey McArdle, Spring (WRAC)
  • Xiaowan Zhang (Graduate Student Rep)
  • Jeffrey Davis (Graduate Student Rep)
  • Dmitrii Pastushenkov (Graduate Student Rep)
  • Sonja Fritzsche (Associate Dean)
  • Bethany Judge (Assistant Dean)
  • Quinn Moreno (Undergraduate Affairs)
  • Leann Dalimonte (Administrative Assistant)

Meeting Schedule and Minutes
Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. All meetings are in 321 Linton Hall