Each year Michigan State University recognizes faculty who have excelled in various aspects of their teaching, research and service mission.  This resource has been created in an effort to ensure that accomplishments of those in the College of Arts & Letters are brought to the attention of the University.  Below is a brief description all university-level awards.  Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for an award.

MSU Excellence-in-Teaching Citation:

MSU Excellence-In-Teaching Citations are awarded to six graduate teaching assistants who have distinguished themselves by the care they have given and the skill they have shown in meeting their classroom responsibilities. The essential purpose of the citation is to bring university-wide recognition to the best of the graduate teaching assistants and by so doing to underline the qualitative contribution which they are making to the undergraduate program.

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MSU Distinguished Academic Staff Award:

Distinguished Academic Staff Awards provide university-wide recognition and reward to outstanding individuals with careers demonstrating long-term excellence and exceptional contributions to Michigan State University. Eligibility for nomination requires a minimum of ten years of continuous MSU employment as an academic specialist or an MSU Extension academic staff member.

These awards recognize professionals who serve the University in advising, curriculum development, outreach, extension, research and teaching. Distinguished Academic Staff Awards are made to members of the academic staff who are appointed as Academic Specialists or Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) Academic Staff (faculty with extension supported appointments are not eligible for this award).

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William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award (BOFA):  

William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awards (formerly the Distinguished Faculty Awards) are made each year to members of the regular faculty, i.e. tenure system faculty and librarians in the continuing appointment system, for outstanding total service to the University.  The nominations are based on teaching; advising; research; publications; art exhibitions; concert performances; committee work; public service including extension, outreach and work with government agencies and industry; or a combination of these activities. Administrative excellence and length of service may not be used as the sole criteria for nomination. However, nominees usually have at least five years of service at Michigan State University.

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Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Awards:

These awards recognize teachers who take pride in and are committed to quality undergraduate teaching and who demonstrate substantial continuing involvement in undergraduate education.  Nominations are based on commitment to and evidence of outstanding UNDERGRADUATE teaching including but not limited to 100- and 200-level courses. Nominees should demonstrate a combination of talent, creativity and enthusiasm for teaching reflected in their teaching style and student interactions. All current fixed term and tenure system faculty with at least three years of teaching experience at Michigan State University are eligible for nomination.

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President’s Distinguished Teaching Award:  

The award is open to current MSU faculty members who have a sustained record (generally 3+ years) of substantial teaching responsibilities (generally 1 class/semester) for Michigan State University and who have implemented creative and engaging ways that foster student learning.

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MSU Teacher–Scholar Award:

Teacher–Scholar Awards are given to members of the tenure system faculty from the ranks of assistant professor and associate professor who early in their careers have earned the respect of students and colleagues for their devotion to and skill in teaching. To be considered for an MSU Teacher–Scholar Award, a tenure system faculty member must hold the rank of assistant professor or associate professor and, at the beginning of the award period, must have served on the faculty for at least two semesters but no more than seven academic years at Michigan State University. In addition, nominees must not have more than ten years of employment experience of all kinds since receipt of the terminal degree applicable to their discipline. Years spent in “postdoc” appointments will not be counted in determining eligibility. Nominees for a Teacher–Scholar Award must be willing to permit a member of the awards committee to visit their classrooms.

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Open Access Monograph Publishing Award:  

The Open Access Monograph Publishing Award (OAMPA) provides $15,000 to be used as a subvention in support of the publication of an open-access digital monograph of up to 90,000 words. Monographs must have been accepted for publication by a participating university press. Eligible monographs must be authored or co-authored by a member of the MSU faculty. Generally, critical editions, edited collections, creative works, textbooks, and translations will not be eligible for the award.

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