Sandra Logan Named Director of the Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars Program

June 29, 2016

Associate Professor Sandra Logan, MSU Department of English, has been appointed inaugural Director of the College of Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars program effective July 1, 2016.


The Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars program is designed to prepare the next generation of diverse, high-achieving, and engaged citizen leaders. Students aspiring to be Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars will be encouraged to succeed academically while gaining experience in high-impact learning environments starting their freshman year.

“The Citizen Scholars program provides valuable new opportunities for undergraduates, encouraging them to aspire academically, and to work communally within and beyond the university to transform their college experience, themselves, and our world,” Logan said. “I’m honored to have been selected as the director and look forward to working with the members of the College to build a strong, effective, and exciting program.”

In this new role, Logan will provide the academic vision for and administrative oversight of a unique program that will empower students to embrace difference, deliberate publicly, think critically, and engage global and local partners to effect sustainable positive change.

“Dr. Logan has the vision and experience to be the inaugural director of this signature program,” said College of Arts & Letters Dean Christopher P. Long. “She has a proven record of developing strategic and innovative educational experiences that will position students to be the citizen leaders of tomorrow.”

The program has three fundamental dimensions:

Aspiration – Students with at least one major in College of Arts & Letters are invited to aspire to be Citizen Scholars.

Reward – Once students demonstrate a sustained and substantive capacity for civic engagement, they are admitted into the Citizen Scholars program and given $5,000 in financial assistance for study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, or other approved transformative educational experiences.

Higher Expectations – Admitted Citizen Scholars are then challenged to meet extra requirements and perform at a higher level to graduate with an Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars designation.

“MSU has been a leader in expanding the connections between undergraduate education and social engagement,” Logan said. “In keeping with those objectives, this program highlights the centrality of the Arts & Letters in fostering cultural sensitivity, experiential breadth, local and global commitments, and the skills necessary to function as citizens of the 21st century world.”