College of Arts & Letters Internal Funding

Title Deadline Details
Faculty Summer Fellowships for Research, Scholarly, Creative, and Artistic Activities 

2017 Deadline

Proposals from full-time tenure system faculty members to assist with efforts to be engaged in research, scholarly activities, and creative artistic projects. Cover PageCurrent and Pending Support Template. Person Months Chart. 

College Fund for International Travel Deadlines (CFIT)


Dissemination of the results of faculty research, most typically at significant professional events abroad. CFIT application 

CAL Undergraduate Research Initiative 2017 Deadline TBD Support for undergraduate researchers to work on a faculty member's research or creative endeavor, or to support a student to present their research at UURAF.
Journal Support Policy Rolling Guidelines for requesting department support for journal editors.
Newberry Library Funding Rolling

Available to faculty members and graduate students in CAL to travel to conduct short-term research or to participate in a one- or two-day seminar at the Newberry Library.


Internal Funding Opportunities from MSU

Title Deadline Details



Provides up to $7,000 to help subsidize the costs of book publication, permissions to use copyrighted materials, CD recording and production, the creation and mounting of exhibits, etc.
HARP-Development 10/5/2017 Provides up to $25,000 to support faculty who are conducting important research leading to creative and performance projects or activities in the arts and humanities.  
Strategic Partnership Grants (SPG) 9/14/2017  Provides up to $400,000 to support research and scholarship that is leading-edge, interdisciplinary or futuristic, and capitalizes on the existing intellectual capital at MSU. Applicants should alert CAL's associate dean for research if a proposal submission is planned.
Discretionary Funding Initiative (DFI) Rolling Provides up to $25,000 to bridge grants and support additional studies needed to resubmit a grant application. A 1:1 match from the department is required. Applicants should discuss with their department chair and notify CAL's associate dean for research if a proposal submission is planned.
OVPRGS Research Forum   OVPRGS periodically hosts informal events to showcase ongoing faculty research.
OVPRGS - Links to Find Funding  -  -
OVPRGS Funding Opportunities Database - -
Creating Inclusive Excellence Grants (CIEG) 6/5/2017   Provides non-recurring funding of college and academic unit projects or programs and, non-recurring funding for proposals from other academic and administrative units, individuals or groups that are intended to create and support an inclusive university.
CAL Community Partner Award (Faculty Award Nomination) 2016 Deadline TBD   The College of Arts & Letters Community Partner Award (Faculty) recognizes a CAL faculty member’s community contributions at the local, state, national and/or global levels.  It recognizes participation, student mentorship, overall leadership, and significant involvement as is reflected in one or more community engagement activities. This award is linked to the spirit of Bolder by Design to “enrich community, economic and family life.” A letter of nomination should be submitted by an individual with knowledge of the faculty member’s distinguished contributions in the area of community engagement.  This nomination should describe the faculty member’s activity or activities in which he/she is involved, the nature of the involvement, the level of mentorship and overall leadership, and the impact the faculty member is making through his/her role within the community as a whole. Nominators can include, but are not limited to: fellow faculty members, department chairs, students, community partners, or service learning partners. Applications are due February 25 to the CAL Alumni Relations Office. Click here for more information including application and criteria.


International Funding Opportunities from MSU

Title Deadline Details
Matching Travel Grants    Rolling ISP provides matching travel grants to help develop strategic partnerships. Grants are made for travel of partners coming from abroad and MSU faculty travel to partner institutions.
Special Foreign Travel Fund (SFTF) Rolling ISP provides funding for MSU faculty presentations and keynote addresses at international meetings, and exhibitions and concerts in major halls that are taking place outside of the United States.
Fulbright Grants Rolling Coordinated by MSU's International Studies and Programs.
International Studies and Programs Project Funding - -


External Funding

Fulbright Programs
The term "Fulbright Program" encompasses a variety of exchange programs, including both individual and institutional grants.

Fulbright-Hays Program
This program is run through the Department of Education. Faculty and students must apply through their institutions, therefore applications to this program require that an eTransmittal be routed and approved.

Individual Faculty Programs
These programs are all run through CIES. An eTransmittal is not required, however faculty are encouraged to communicate with their Chair early in the process. Faculty, administrators, and professionals may contact MSU’s Fulbright Program Adviser for individual consultation, including reading and commenting on written drafts.

Student Programs
These programs are all run by IIE. All student applications must be submitted through the Fulbright Program Adviser's office at MSU.

Federal Sponsors
Search for federal grant opportunities and submit proposals.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

NEH Summer Stipends - (Limited Submission) – Only two faculty may be nominated each year by MSU.  Of the two, at least one should be a junior nominee (instructor or assistant professor).  Those holding the rank of associate professor or professor will be considered senior nominees. Some government grants are institutionally limited, which means that only a limited number of submissions are accepted by NEH for the grant.  Interested faculty should send a Competition form and Internal Pre-proposal application to David Prestel, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship at least seven weeks in advance of when the limited submission grant is due, and it will be forwarded to OVPRGS for consideration in time for their six weeks advance deadline. There will then be an internal competition to determine who will be able to submit. Only after a proposal is selected as the official MSU submission, can the applicant then go through the regular process of creating an e-transmittal and working with CGA. For more information, review

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowships

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Non-Federal Sponsors

Except in cases when there is an open call for proposals, faculty should contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations before contacting corporate or foundation sponsors. This helps to prevent duplicate efforts and self-defeating internal competition. All requests to any Michigan based corporation or foundation must be cleared by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

American Council of Learned Societies

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

National Humanities Center

Institute for Advanced Study

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences

American Philosophical Society--Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes 

The Library Company of Philadelphia

J. Paul Getty Grant Program

The Spencer Foundation


Sabbatical Information

College of Arts & Letters Sabbatical Policy