Future Graduate Students

The College of Arts & Letters prepares transformative scholars in the Arts & Humanities. We aim to lead the world in providing inclusive, global, digital, and interdisciplinary graduate education in the Arts & Humanities.

Bill Hart-DavidsonTransformative scholars drive progressive change in their organizations through work that is inclusive, global, engaged, interdisciplinary, and digital. If you want to see the future of higher education in the Arts & Humanities, look to MSU.
Associate Dean for Graduate Education
Bill Hart-Davidson



The Arts & Letters Difference

Julio Cesar Paredes
Julio Cesar Paredes
PhD Candidate
Department of Romance and Classical Studies
  • Outperforming national averages in key metrics such as time to degree and graduate placement. 
  • Student-Centered, offering full funding to our terminal degree students for 3-5 years paired with rich mentoring and professional development support.
  • Diverse, with a demographic profile that matches the U.S. national percentages.
  • Small & agile, with an average terminal degree yearly cohort size of less than five students.
  • Producing the next generation of leaders in the arts & humanities; a group that will positively impact the lives of millions of students to come.

About Our Programs

Kristen Franyutti
Kristen Franyutti
MFA Candidate
Department of Art, Art History, and Design
  • A rich curriculum that includes significant faculty engagement and innovative co-mentoring experiences.
  • Graduate assistantships and fellowship funding to students throughout the degree period and supplemental research/professional support.
  • A strong, focused program mission tied to innovative research in their disciplines.
  • Graduate students with PhDs in less than 5 years and MFAs in 3 years.
  • Place 100% of graduates.
  • Recruit diverse cohorts.
  • Attract internationally competitive students who earn university fellowships at an accelerated rate.