Empowering Graduate Student Opportunities

At MSU, we are preparing the next generation of faculty who will transform higher education for the better. This is your chance to have an impact not only on the lives of graduate students, but on the students they will go on to teach, mentor, and lead for years to come.

Watch the following video to hear from graduate students themselves how investing in graduate education at the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University can lead to extraordinary student experiences.




The College of Arts & Letters aims to raise its national and international reputation in arts and humanities education, and to be a leader in graduate education that prepares students to succeed in the 21st century. We seek to position ourselves to compete with the very best graduate programs in the nation in order to attract students who are at once capable of the most sophisticated scholarship and creative work and committed to bringing that work into the undergraduate classroom and to the wider public.

To do this, we must recruit the very best graduate students into our programs in order, first, to attract the very best faculty to the College and, second, to offer rich educational experiences to our undergraduates. Graduate students provide both critical research support to faculty and transformative teaching and mentoring to undergraduate students. 

We are educating the next generation of faculty who will forever transform the lives of future students.
MSU College of Arts & Letters Dean
Christopher P. Long



We need to provide more graduate fellowships to attract and retain the best graduate students. Graduate students play an essential role in conducting the research that advances knowledge. They are intimately involved in the education of undergraduates, and are a key ingredient in attracting the most talented and highly sought faculty.