Career Advising Videos on Demand

CAL Career Consultant Becky Brewer is pleased to offer new Videos On Demand for Career Advising! Day or night, whether you're in East Lansing or Eastern Europe, these videos are there when you're ready to make a move or start your search.

As always, individual appointments are available via (click make an appointment) but it is suggested you start with these videos to get great info NOW, then follow up when you have additional individual questions.

The Videos

Marketing your Liberal Arts Degree: 
Do you get questions about your major and "What are you going to do with that?" Are you ready to talk with employers about the value of your particular degree? Watch this video and learn about what employers look for, and how to strategically position yourself as an English, Theatre, Art, Language, etc. major in the world of work.

Need an internship? Not sure how to get one? Watch this video to help you get started.

Resumes and Cover Letters:
Now that you know where to look, do you have strong documents to land you in the "yes" pile for an interview? Includes lots of samples, tips, and details for standing out to employers.

Job Search:
This video features specific job boards, and several other resources for how to actually go about finding great job and internship opportunities.

Finding Work On Campus:
Getting experience, getting paid, and secret postings are all covered in this quick video.

Your Best Interview:
With the right opportunities and strong resume and cover letter, you've landed an interview. Now what? This video includes advice for before, during, and after the interview, as well as how to respond to the most common questions, and any questions which might actually be illegal.

How to be Successful at your Internship:

 Prepare for your Internship:

 Internship Follow Up:

Getting into Graduate School:
Regardless of your program or career interests, this video includes getting in, how NOT to pay for grad school, resources for standardized tests, and sample timelines for planning. Good both for people who are just thinking about going, or sure that they are going to grad school.

Evaluating Job Offers:
Congratulations! You’ve got a job offer! But is it fair? Can you meet your commitments? If you have two offers, which one is better? Watch this video to know what to do and what to look for.