Recent Alumna Completes Mural for MSU Program

A full-size mural for Michigan State University’s newly introduced Undergraduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation program is the work of recent Studio Art alumna Mia Serafini, who graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Graphic Design.

Mia Serafini in front of her mural Serafini was selected to paint the mural after being invited to submit a proposal, which included a sketch and a full statement of intent.

The thought behind the mural is to promote the undergraduate entrepreneurship program. The painting itself is called “The Entrepreneurial Mindset” and is a visually striking representation of the way entrepreneurs think and act.

Centrally located in MSU’s Business College Complex, appearing on the second floor of the main wing, the mural incorporates three different verbs (think, feel and do) and for each of these there’s an icon – think (lightbulb), feel (heart), and do (lightning bolt). Serafini effortlessly incorporated these different motifs into her mural. “Because I paint abstract, you really have to look for it. That’s why it’s fun,” she said.

Serafini says she has always wanted to pursue art as a career, although she didn’t expect to go into painting. She unexpectedly fell in love with painting quite recently and has only been doing it seriously since her sophomore year.

Any undergraduate student, regardless of their major or which college they’re enrolled in, can receive a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The College of Arts & Letters is a co-partner of the program and offers seven different class options. Students in the minor have access to facilities such as The Hive (ideation center), The Hatch (an incubator), mentors, support and funding.

To learn more about the program, see the Entrepreneurship and Innovation website.