National Council of Teachers of English Student Affiliate Wins Award of Excellence

Michigan State University has been named one of three recipients of the 2017 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Student Affiliate Excellence Award. Founded in 2012, the award honors NCTE student affiliates that meet high standards of performance. This is the first time the MSU student affiliate has won this award.

“The award is significant because it shows we are doing the right things to reassert our English Teacher Education Program,” said MSU Associate Professor Emery Petchauer, faculty advisor for the . “The award also shows our students how all of the work they do as English Education majors on campus is directly connected to the larger profession and field. It’s not separate. They are already part of a global network of language, literacy, and literature educators.”

To win this award, MSU had to fulfill at least eight different criteria for excellent affiliate programming from July 1 of the previous year through June 30 of the current year.

9 students posing for photo
NCTE student affiliates

“Our student affiliate group excelled at breaking down some of the barriers that often keep English educators from learning from one another,” Petchauer said. “The events they held connected our group to English teachers in the state and also allowed underclassmen to learn from our students who are graduating and on the cusp of entering the profession.

“The group also did an incredible job of making their events speak out to the wider public through live tweeting and other digital means. The students were successful at making sure the energy and learning from their events were not limited to a four-walled room or even campus.”

Petchauer also gives credit to student mentoring from English Education faculty with helping bring this award to fruition. He gave special recognition to April Baker-Bell, Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture, and Jennifer VanDerHeide, Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, who have supported students to present at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) annual conference.

“These mentoring efforts planted the seeds for the successes that grew this year,” Petchauer said.

The MSU student affiliate, which is led by president Natalie Parenti, will receive its award at the 2017 NCTE Annual Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, during the Affiliate Roundtable Breakfast on Sunday, November 19.