5/13/2020 Due to ongoing health and safety concerns as well as budgetary constraints, the suspension of all university-sponsored travel is extended indefinitely. This includes new travel as well as any currently booked trips. .

Latest updates on Corona Virus (COVID 19)

Travel Health Message: Coronavirus

Canceled Airline Tickets [PDF]


Information, tool kits, one stop for forms and best practices.

New Resources in Reference Library

Reconciling and Allocating MSU Agency Card Transactions [PDF]

Reconciling MSU Agency Card (Direct billed airfare) Charges Quick Guide [PDF]

Standard Routing and Ad Hoc Routing [PDF]

Acting as a Delegate or Arranger[PDF]

Current FAQs

What to do about Direct Billed Airfare [PDF]

Guest Travel Per Diem (Blocked Dates on Itinerary) [PDF]

Quick Link for information on conference fee refunds, canceling air travel and lodging

Concur Travel System--training, tips, and tricks

MSU implemented a new travel system, SAP Concur that aligns with EBS. Travelers can fill out travel requests (pre-trips), submit receipts electronically, prepare and submit travel expense reports and track reimbursements easily.  Reference Materials from Travel at State  

Setting up Profile Settings

The first time logging in to the SAP Concur Travel tile found in EBS all MSU employees should take time to update their Profile and ensure the information is correct.  This incudes verifying your emergency contact information, setting up request and expense delegates and connecting your cellphone and email accounts so receipts can be automatically collected or emailed to your account while traveling.

Travel Requests (Pre-Trip Authorizations)

After the Travel Profile is set up you are ready to do your first Travel Request.  A Travel Request is the new terminology for Pre-Trip Authorization.  All travel must have an approved Travel Request prior to travel taking place.  This includes travel that's self-funded or funded by another organization.  Travel Requests let's MSU know where you are in case of an emergency, allows MSU to quickly identify who to contact if you have had an emergency while traveling.  Approved Travel requests also make you eligible for MSU insurance coverage if something happens while you are traveling on MSU business.

Travel Expense Reports

Booking Travel through Concur

Additional Tips and Tricks

Two Apps that will make your travel much easier


Concur Mobile

Every MSU traveler is strongly to download this app and connect it to their Travel Profile.  This APP is where you can take a photo of your receipt and save it electronically.  The app will read the text, translate the language and make currency conversions for your expense report.  It will also store your receipt in MSU's online Concur Travel Account.  The next time you log in, you'll see the receipt and be able to add it to an Expense Report.

TripIt Pro

MSU offers our travelers a FREE upgrade to TripIT Pro, a convenient APP to store all of your itinerary details.  Download the Free App and set up your free account.  Then go into your MSU Concur Travel Tile in EBS and under Profile Settings, link the TripIT account.  You'll automatically be upgraded to TripIt Pro.  

Links to other important Travel information

Latest Travel Policy Changes

Additional Information and Training Resources

  • The best source for information on MSU Travel is Travel at State.
  • MSU offers various courses throughout the year. Enrollment can be found in  EBS under the Courses for MSU Employees tile. 
  • Travel ListServ  Sign up for the Travel ListServ to get periodic updates and news on changes, partnership agreements, policy and procedures.
  • .​​​​​​Travel Tips  Links to the Global Registry, Know before You Go, Motorpool, Conlin Travel, Airline discounts and more.